The TherapyLab is a physiotherapy laboratory that deals not only with the short-term reduction of symptoms of patients but also with the holistic approach for the long-term management and recovery of injuries and disorders face. For this purpose, after the first cycle of rehabilitation where achieved a reduction of symptoms follows the second cycle in which aims at maintaining the results and prevent potential epanatraymatismoy.

The first cycle of treatment involves using physical media electrotherapy, thermotherapy, ultrasound, laser, and irritation, kinisiomalaxewn endomyϊkoy and manual therapy depending on the clues for each condition.

The second circle is an innovative part in track rehabilitation in Greece. After the completion of the first cycle every patient is part of a program of individual or group therapeutic exercise. Individual therapeutic programs have a duration of 30 or 50 minutes while team 50 minutes and each has a maximum 4 participants. Therapeutic exercise programs carried out are divided into 7 different directions.

The first direction is the TherapySpine and the general strengthening of the body with focus on stabilizing exercises for diseases and injuries in the spine.

The second direction is the TherapyLeg and the general strengthening of the body focusing on increasing muscle mass, the proprioception and the kinematic control of lower limbs.

The third direction is the TherapyArm and the general strengthening of the body focusing on increasing muscle mass, the proprioception and the kinematic control of upper limbs.

The fourth direction is the TherapyOsteo and regards its therapeutic exercise on metabolic diseases like osteoporosis.

The fifth way is the TherapyReuma concerning the therapeutic exercise in Rheumatoid diseases and autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

The sixth way is the TherapyFalls that improving balance and General strength in elderly people to improve their quality of life and prevent falls.

Finally the seventh direction is the TherapyAthlets injury prevention and reintegration football and volleyball athletes.

In TherapyLab the empowerment in therapeutic exercise programs performed by physiotherapists high scientific level thus minimizing the chances of relapse or recurrence of injury. The deep knowledge of the anatomy of the body and the continuous adjustment of treatment programmes in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) supported by the expertise of Chief physiotherapist of the TherapyLab Dr. Tsatsakoy George gives us a competitive advantage over other providers of exercise.