Dietician: estimating the percentage of fat in our body!

Dietician: estimating the percentage of fat in our body!
Weighing and calculation of body mass index (calculated by dividing weight by the square of height) is the easiest way to assess body weight and to classify himself as underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese.

Calculation of body mass index

However, the weight is just a number that shows us the exact distribution of fat, muscle mass and fluid present in our body! In addition, a person with a higher percentage of body fat can have the same body mass index with an athlete who has more muscle mass!
The percentage of fat in our body besides esthetics is both a determining factor for our health! The increased percentage of fat in the body and especially in the abdominal area is associated with the occurrence of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and diabetes mellitus. Therefore, proper appreciation is very important!

The process by which it is estimated is simple and painless and is called fat. How is it done?

(a)) With skinfold calipers: dermatoptychometro is an instrument resembling tongs. The examiner lifts the skin in certain parts of the body (usually in the arm, in the back, abdomen and thighs) and with the help of dermatoptychometroy measures the thickness of the fold of skin. Then, with the help of equations estimated the total body fat percentage. You do not need any special preparation. It's easy and fast method, but the examiner must be highly experienced, while not appropriate for obese people.

b) With bioilektriki resistance: this method relies on the fact that the lean body mass (wet and muscle mass) is a good conductor of electricity. Is done with the help of special devices. The examinee either lying in bed and the examiner connects electrodes in one hand and in one leg of the test, either rests on the floor lipometriti, which has built-in electrodes. Several floor make fat Analyzer and partial analysis of the body, resulting in the need to keep extra built-in electrodes with his hands, forming a closed circuit. The calculations are derived directly and automatically by the machine.

In order to have accurate results measurement should:
1. We eat and we drink water and coffee for at least 3 hours.
2. Not having drunk alcohol the previous night.
3. Not having exercised the previous hours.
4. Women do not have menstrual periods.

At Therapylab we do incremental analysis of the body composition with bioelectrical impedance method! The results show us our fat percentage and how many pounds of weight is muscle, fluids and blood. At the same time we find out the levels of visceral fat, which plays an important role for our health! Book your appointment now! Based on the results can give you personalized instructions balanced diet and then physical education teachers will help you to follow the exercise program that fits you best!

• Segmental body composition analysis
• Personalised dietary advice with the aim of improving the health and quality of life

Ioanna Kechrimpari, MSc
Member TherapyLab