Diet for … strong bones!

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones lose calcium and other minerals containing faster and larger extent compared with normal bone loss that accompanies us as we get older. As a result, bones become brittle, leading to fractures exist with the slightest predicament, without necessarily being accompanied by an accident (as for example lifting a heavy object).
Several risk factors have been associated with osteoporosis. Some of them can be modified, such as body weight, nutrition, physical activity, smoking, alcohol consumption, while others, such as age, gender, family history, etc. cannot be modified!

Proper nutrition is one of the main ways to prevent onset of the disease, as it may delay or limit the loss of bone mass.
The following are some dietary advice for. .. strong bones!
1. Calcium … precious: calcium is one of the major nutrients responsible for good bone health.
• Rich sources of calcium are dairy products (milk, yogurt, cheese). We need about 2-3 dairy servings (1 serving = 1 cup milk = 1 yogurt = 2 cheese slices of toast or 2 matchboxes cheese) daily to meet the recommendations for calcium (about 1000 mg per day for healthy adults and 1200-1500 mg for special population groups, such as children, postmenopausal women, pregnant and breastfeeding).
• Good sources of calcium are also small fish eaten with the bones.
• Calcium is contained also in green leafy vegetables, beans and whole grain cereals. The degree of absorption is reduced, as these foods contain vegetable acids which bind calcium quantity. However, the sesame seeds and products such as tahini, contain a satisfactory amount of calcium, which is better absorbed, as these foods contain no vegetable acids. They can serve as alternatives to the diets of individuals who do not consume dairy products.

2. Vitamin D …. The sunshine vitamin: vitamin D helps calcium absorption. A few minutes exposure to sunlight (15-20 minutes a day) can meet the Agency's needs in vitamin D. Nutritional, we can meet in oily fish, eggs and fortified dairy products.

3. Coffee and alcohol … moderately: excessive drinking coffee and alcohol has been linked to reduced bone mass. Recommended consumption 2-3 cups of coffee a day and eating 1 serving of alcohol for women and 2 servings of alcohol for men respectively (1 serving of alcohol = 1 glass of wine = 1 can of beer = 45 mL other alcoholic beverages).
4. Limiting salt consumption
5. Maintain a healthy weight with a combination of balanced diet and exercise.

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